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20 August 15

An Ever-Growing Cloud: Worldwide IaaS Market Continues Adding Value

The cloud is rapidly gaining prominence in the business world – and specifically, the use of IaaS is increasing at record pace.

13 August 15

Cloud-Based Care: Data Backup Is Essential For Healthcare Organizations

The cloud has become immensely popular with healthcare organizations. Here’s why.

11 August 15

The Smart Money’s On The Cloud: Financial Advisers Investing In New DR Strategy

More and more companies, especially in the financial sector, are relying on cloud computing to assist with disaster recovery services.

6 August 15

Averting Disaster: 5 Common Mistakes In DR Planning, And How To Avoid Them

What are some of the common mistakes that companies make when planning for DR? Here’s a quick rundown on five of them.

30 July 15

Checks And Balances: 4 Ways To Trust A Cloud Provider Without Ceding Data Control

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of cloud backup but maintain control as well? There’s a way to do both – read on.

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