Blog: At the Core

13 May 15

‘Tis The (Hurricane) Season: Calculating The Cost Of The Downtime That Lies Ahead

Hurricane season is upon us. Are you ready to protect your business and its data – and are you aware of the cost of downtime?

7 May 15

Are You Stuck In 2011? Set Your Disaster Recovery Replication To 2015

There’s no reason to use tapes for backing up your data anymore. The cloud can work far, far better.

5 May 15

We’re Down On Downtime: Count On A Cloud Provider With No Outages

Why settle for a cloud provider that’s 99 percent reliable? Virtacore can give you the full 100.

22 April 15

Making The List: 5 Items CIOs Look For In Their Cloud Service Providers

What do today’s CIOs look for in their cloud service providers? There are endless possibilities. Here are five of them.

20 April 15

Changing With The Times: 5 Areas Where CIOs Can Make Improvements Internally

Behind closed doors, corporate IT leaders are working to make a number of strategic changes. Here’s a closer look at five examples.

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