Blog: At the Core

2 June 15

Midwest Management: Central U.S. States Can Do More For Disaster Recovery

The Midwestern region of the U.S. has a lot to gain by relying on cloud backup solutions for its disaster recovery needs.

28 May 15

Tri-State Troubles: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Need Disaster Recovery Help

Everyone needs help with disaster recovery sometimes. But the facts show that New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – the “tri-state area” – particularly vulnerable.

21 May 15

Dialing Up Disaster Recovery: Telecom Industry Could Benefit From Greater IaaS Use

The telecommunications industry might be in need of some technical support itself. Let’s discuss what cloud-based IaaS has to offer for today’s telecom businesses.

20 May 15

A Healthy Approach: How Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Can Bolster Health Care IT

Cloud-based disaster recovery can make an impact in every industry. Health care is one area in particular where there’s still a great deal of potential.

14 May 15

Not For Profit, But Always For Data Recovery: Why Every Organization Needs Backup

It’s not just for-profit companies that need cloud backup for disaster recovery situations. Nonprofits can benefit from such measures as well.

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