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21 July 15

Building A New Infrastructure: 3 Ways The Cloud Has Changed Manufacturing

Every industry has gotten an enormous boost from the growth of cloud computing. Manufacturing might be the greatest beneficiary.

15 July 15

Racing The Clock: Cloud Brings Newfound Speed To Disaster Recovery

Say goodbye to the old methods of IT disaster recovery. In the modern era, the cloud proves far more effective.

9 July 15

Safe In The Sky: How Cloud Backup Actually Helps Companies With Data Security

Are you worried that the cloud might not be your best bet in terms of data security? In 2015, you can sleep easy knowing it won’t be a problem.

8 July 15

Making The Move: 3 Reasons Disaster Recovery Is Transitioning To The Cloud

Backup tapes just won’t cut it anymore. Here are three reasons why businesses today are using the cloud for disaster recovery.

30 June 15

According To Schedule: 4 Key Steps To Create Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you have a plan in place for disaster recovery? If not, following these four steps can help you devise one.

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