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29 October 17

Making The Case for DR In Your 2018 Budget

As Quarter 4 nears the halfway point, it’s time at many organizations to review the budget for 2018. It always seems that Disaster Recovery is in danger of being trimmed from the budget. Here are _ ways to ensure that DR stays on your organization’s budget next year. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) owners, […]

29 October 17

Your Standby System Is Useful For More Than Just DR

To maintain a fool-proof disaster recovery plan, it’s important to test your standby system regularly through the process of a switchover. And if your busy web company has to take time to do this it would benefit you to find a way to multitask. I read an article recently on ways to use the isolated […]

27 January 17

Cloud Hosting Vs. Co-location: Take the Test To See If You Need Colo.

Determining which hosting situation is best for your web presence is dependent on what you’ll be hosting, your current resources, and what you have planned for the future. Nowadays there are many offerings for cloud hosting that could cover your needs without going as far as a 100% co-location situation, however. So it’s important to […]

6 December 16

Disaster Recovery Seminar Case Study: The Phony Back-Ups

10 November 16

Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyber Monday Meltdown?

Small business owners who sell products online: Do you have a disaster recovery plan for if your IT infrastructure went down in the middle of the cyber Monday sales rush? How about black Friday? Or small business Saturday? The holiday are coming and right now is the time when small businesses need to prepare to […]

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