10 November 18

10-Point Checklist for Disaster Recovery/Disaster Recovery as a Service

With weather related losses in the United States exceeding $11 billion in 2018, it’s easy to see why Disaster Recovery is on the minds of business leaders. Regardless of the threat, if your business does not have a recovery plan, now is the time to set one up. Just getting started or revising an existing plan, this […]

31 October 18

Lessons IT Departments Can Learn from Natural Disasters

In the last eighteen months, a restless Mother Nature wreaked havoc on the Carolinas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Businesses need to take steps to be prepared for the worst and protect their computing resources. Enterprises across the country have discovered they are much better off trusting their disaster recovery needs to those specializing in keeping […]

18 October 18

Run an eCommerce Site? Downtime Costs You More than You Think

In the business of eCommerce a sound disaster recovery plan and solution are vital to your success eCommerce suppliers around the globe face an increasingly competitive landscape. To thrive, they must continually invest in the latest software that presents information to potential customers, the newest and fastest hardware solutions to handle growing processing loads, and […]

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