Network Architecture

Virtacore Network Topology


Our Platform

Cisco UCS

Our cloud solutions and disaster recovery services are built on leading edge, best-of-class Cisco UCS architecture featuring completely redundant core infrastructure. Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is the first converged data center platform that combines industry-standard, x86-architecture servers with networking, management, virtualization and storage access into a single converged system. This unique architecture enables end-to-end server visibility, management and control in both bare metal and virtual environments, and facilitates the move to cloud computing with secure Fabric-Based Infrastructure.

Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage solutions are built on the patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture. CASL differs from the traditional bolt-on approach of using flash as a tier. Instead, CASL is designed from the ground up as a hybrid solution to leverage the lightning-fast random read performance of flash and the cost-effective capacity of hard disk drives. Nimble Storage devices are designed for the most demanding workloads like: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Equinix Tier 3 Data Centers

We operate in the most secure and reliable Equinix Tier 3 data centers with 99.999% SLA uptime guarantees. Equinix data centers utilize an array of security equipment, techniques, and procedures to control, monitor, and record access to the facility. They are also designed to mitigate and eliminate disruption as a result of natural disasters. Equinix facilities serve as core hubs for critical IP networks and Internet operations worldwide.


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