There’s one area of the business world that could still use a bit of extra awareness, and that’s the health care sector. Health firms are in control of massive amounts of data at all times – they have deep reservoirs of information about their employees, their patients and the world around them. These troves of data are irreplaceable – and as such, they need to be protected.

For anyone who’s the IT head honcho at a health care firm, there’s no better time than the present to begin thinking more carefully about disaster recovery planning. What happens if all of that vital data is in danger? How will you safeguard it, and without the risk of downtime that could have adverse effects on patients? These questions are very real and pressing for industry professionals.

According to Diginomica, the cloud has gained massive appeal in health because the sector is all about high levels of performance. Steve Fanning, vice president of health care strategy at Infor, told the news source that cloud solutions help take organizations to heights in terms of speed and efficiency.

Virtacore is the IaaS leader for the financial services market because we understand how to meet your needs.  We have taken every step within our Cisco UCS, VMware, NetApp, Nimble and Equinix enterprise compute platform to help you achieve those objectives. Virtacore offers a strong ROI/TCO and reliable, secure IaaS solutions that solve the following issues:

  • Securing your network via VLAN segmentation & encryption
  • Undergoing monthly and annual independent third party audits to attain our SOC 1 & SOC 2 and PCI certifications
  • Providing secure dedicated access and control of your VMware resources
  • Turning hardware CAPEX cycles into predictable and scalable OPEX monthly cost models
  • Providing guaranteed Enterprise Compute Platform with 99.999% up-time SLA
  • Providing performance guarantees ensuring your business and your customers are always online
  • Rock-solid security of data and data centers
  • Unlimited scalability of resources on demand (Compute, Storage, Bandwidth, etc.)
  • Secure MPLS/Layer 2 access to our cloud platform
  • 24×7 support to help extend your current IT team around the clock
  • Providing alerting, IPS/IDS and data encryption services

It’s important to note that when it comes to important health care data, there’s no time for downtime. When doctors are trying to save patients’ lives, even a few minutes can make all the difference. They don’t want to waste time scrambling to retrieve data that they need immediately.

Fortunately, this means they can rely on Virtacore, which had zero downtime in 2014. The goal is grab your data and stay operational without skipping a beat, and Virtacore can make that happen.

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