Virtacore choose to partner with Equinix the world’s largest data center & colocation provider because of its superior connectivity, reliability, security & compliances and global reach.

1. Connectivity-Equinix data centers are the most connected in the world. Roughly 90% of all Internet traffic flow through their data centers.

a. 950+ networks, 500 + IT service providers, 475+ financial buy-side & sell-side firms, Interconnect with over 140+ exchanges and trading platforms, directly access the top CDNs, MSOs, ISPs, mobile data providers and over 500 traffic aggregators, including the top social media and ad networks.

Regardless of the industry, Virtacore’s cloud platform sits on the cross road of Internet offering you the fastest application performance, through better connectivity, lower latency and more network choices than any cloud provider outside of Equinix ecosystem.

2. Reliability- Every Equinix data center has N+1 (or greater) redundancy for building systems (power,cooling, fire suppression & backup) and a proven, industry-leading >99.999% uptime record.

3. Security & compliance- Equinix Data Centers as secure with multiple points including 24×7 human security guards, Man Trap Entry, electronic surveillance CCTV and recorders, Biometric Hand Scanners. Furthermore, they met industry compliances such as SSAE 16, ISO Certification and energy efficient LEED Certifications

4. Global Reach-Equinix offers the largest global footprint of 95 data centers in 31 key markets spanning 15 countries and 5 continents.

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