Disaster Recovery for Telecommunication

Telecommunication companies simply must have an uninterrupted signal. When it comes to natural or man-made disasters, telecommunication companies need to have a good disaster-recovery plan in place to ensure the safety of their data.

Is the Disaster Recovery Plan Your Telecommunication Company Has Good Enough?

If a disaster occurred right now, for how long would your data be taken offline? And how recent would your recovery point be? If you don’t have your data stored in the cloud, you can’t be sure your data will be there.

Virtacore’s Cloud Recovery Options

To get your telecommunication company’s disaster recovery plan to where it needs to be, Virtacore can help. We offer four cloud based disaster recovery solutions for telecommunication companies:

Veeam Cloud Connect: CoreBACKUP 


Zerto Virtual Replication: CoreDR 

Nimble Replication: CoreREPLICATION 

These four plans include everything from budget friendly options to options that will have your data back online in seconds. This is all backed by Virtacore’s 24/7 access to technicians.

Choosing the Right Plan

Choosing the right plan for your company involves determining what the most amount of time is for which you can withstand data being offline and the largest amount of time that can pass between the latest save of your data.

For help determining the best package for you, download our free quick guide to RPOs and RTOs.

Partner With Virtacore To Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

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