Disaster Recovery for Retail

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Retail Disaster Recovery

The retail industry is especially susceptible to loss in a disaster. From employee theft, to fires and floods, those operating in the retail industry must have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Will Your Disaster Recovery Plan Be There When You Need It?

If a disaster occurred today and took down your mission-critical systems how long would it take you to get your store back online? And are their recent data backups waiting for you? If you’re working with anything other than a back-up in the cloud, it’s time to upgrade your disaster recovery for retail plan.

Virtacore is here to help you upgrade. Virtacore offers four cloud disaster recovery solutions to retail stores:

Veeam Cloud Connect: CoreBACKUP 


Zerto Virtual Replication: CoreDR 

Nimble Replication: CoreREPLICATION 

The plans include everything from economical plans to get you in the game to plans that will have your data back online in seconds.  All of our plans are backed up by our expert team of technicians who are available 24/7.

How Do I Know Which Plan Is Right For My Retail Store?

The biggest differences among the recovery plans are the amount of time it takes with each plan to get data back online and the intervals at which data is backed up. Cost savings is the best reason to choose a plan with longer time periods and intervals.

To determine the best timeline for your coMpany, download our free quick guide to RPOs and RTOs.

Work With the Virtacore Team to Establish a Complete Disaster Recovery Strategy

To ensure that your data is protected with 100 percent confidence, connect with the Virtacore team to plan a strategy from start to finish.

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