Disaster Recovery for Broadcasting

Cameramen Filming Sporting EventBroadcasting Disaster Recovery Planning

What would happen to your viewership if both your main and backup feeds went down during a broadcast? With more options for viewers to watch than ever these days it’s important to think of everything that could go wrong – including a man-made or natural disaster taking down your broadcast.

Are You Confident In Your Current Disaster Recovery Plan?

You might already have some sort of a disaster recovery plan. For those who do, if a disaster occurred today would you know where to go to recover your data? How recent would the last saved data be? If you’re serious about your viewers’ experience, you need a serious disaster recovery plan. At Virtacore, we specialize in broadcast solutions.

Virtacore offers four levels of cloud disaster recovery solutions:

Which Disaster Recovery Plan is Best for Broadcasting?

To determine what disaster recovery plan is best for you, ask yourself, how long can we wait to get data back online and how recent would the last saved data need to be?

To determine the best timeline for your firm, download our free quick guide to RPOs and RTOs.

Establish a Complete Disaster Recovery Strategy

To ensure that your data is protected with 100 percent confidence, connect with the Virtacore team to plan a strategy from start to finish.

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