Association Disaster Recovery Planning

Members are the foundation of every association, so having access to their data at all times is essential. Association disaster recovery planning needs to be at the top of the list of your business continuity plan if it’s not already.

Do You Have Complete Confidence In Your Association Disaster Recovery Plan?

If a natural or man-made disaster occurred today and took down your central drives, do your employees know how to retrieve your backups? How recent would the last saved data need to be? Consider the more active times of year like membership drives, awards judging, or events. If nothing else, your backups need to be hosted in the cloud.

Virtacore offers four cloud disaster recovery solutions to associations:

What Disaster Recovery Is Best for Associations

In choosing the cloud infrastructure for your disaster recovery plan, the amount of time between each backup being created (RPOs) and the amount of time it would take to get that data back up online (RTOs) are two essential decisions you must make.

To determine the best timeline for your association, download our free quick guide to RPOs and RTOs.

Work With the Virtacore Team to Establish a Complete Disaster Recovery Strategy

To ensure that your data is protected with 100 percent confidence, connect with the Virtacore team to plan a strategy from start to finish.

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