CxO Level Cloud Information

I am a CxO, what do I need to know?

Choosing cloud computing solutions and deciding how these solutions might be used, are now of key importance for organizations. The benefits offered by cloud computing can lead to competitive advantages. For this reason, cloud computing is not only on the agenda of CIOs but also other C-level executives within organizations.


The CEO understands that the demand for connectivity and technology access is limited by a business, but also understands that their current infrastructure may not be equipped to handle all this change. You are hearing about the cloud as much as any CIO or CTO, but feel the responsibility for bringing your organizations into the era of cloud computing:

  • Using cloud, companies can concentrate on their core business and relinquish some operational control and ownership of their IT resources
  • No need to worry about computers, data centers, applications, and databases, just rent what you need from the cloud
  • Have predictable operating expense vs. large capital expense


Chances are, if your company hasn’t already deployed cloud solutions, you’re making plans to do so. For IT, the cloud is a great way to maintain or enhance your current infrastructure and legacy systems, while also providing flexibility for your team:

  • It allow you to take up new challenges while also ensuring delivery of business-critical information systems
  • Do more with less (i.e. cut budgets, reconsider power consumption, licenses costs, optimise services, re-look at outsourcing partnerships)
  • Include the cloud in any corporate ‘green’ initiatives
  • Become a more strategic department within your organization since you will spend less time ‘keeping the lights on’


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CFOs are, understandably, enthusiastic about cloud computing for its potential to lower costs. The promise of cloud is that there will no longer be any need to purchase and maintain servers and applications and all the other expensive hardware and software modern businesses require. That may prompt CFOs to believe that IT departments themselves will vanish, or at least shrink, but that is not the whole story:

  • Ensure all systems are kept running
  • Manage installed systems
  • Lower costs without sacrificing functionality or efficiency
  • Protect assets

IT Director

While the CTO has the job of directing the vision of the department, the Director has the job of executing off of that vision. And cloud resources can help in making your job more efficient so you can implement new technologies that can improve efficiency and competitiveness. The cloud will allow you to:

  • Ensure all systems are kept running
  • Manage installed systems
  • Lower costs without sacrificing functionality or efficiency
  • Protect assets

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