Customer Testimonials

Virtacore builds value for customers through IT problem solving. When you engage with Virtacore, we spend the time to work closely with you to identify and overcome the challenges associated with moving some, or all, of your infrastructure to the cloud.

Here are a few of our customer testimonials that demonstrate how we have exceeded client expectations:

Q: How has Virtacore helped enable CytexOne to develop your IaaS offering and Internal Infrastructure?
A: When CytexOne found Virtacore, it was a perfect fit. Virtacore’s IaaS offerings were exactly what we needed for both our internal infrastructure and our clients’ ever-more-demanding needs. We are currently in the process of migrating our entire internal and customer ESX clusters to Virtacore because it’s more dependable, infinitely more expandable, and we don’t need to stay awake nights worrying about hardware. Virtacore has given us the ability to unshackle ourselves from the limitations of our infrastructure and capital – we can now focus on selling what we can build and create for our customers.

Patryk Gallagher – System Administration at CytexOne Technology

AR Group

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Virtacore?

A: Virtacore’s partner program is so unique and compelling for AR Group. Virtacore enables us to offer an enterprise cloud solution to our existing client base and at the same time jointly target new business together with their unique 45 day jump start program. We see the market is shifting to offering total solutions for our clients. For us we wanted to stay competitive, maintain our margins and diversify our portfolio. We were able to do that without the large capital outlay it takes to build and run your own enterprise cloud.

Brian Chavis – CTO AR Group

Mamiye Brothers

Q: What IaaS/Cloud providers did you evaluate and what was the deciding factor for choosing a provider?

A: Service, Service, Service. Their 24x7x365 service and level of support is top notch and really helped us access the cloud. We are currently running our production environment with them. Additionally, we decided to go with Virtacore because of their robust cloud offering which we evaluated. Nimble, NetApp, UCS, VMware enterprise fabric was perfect for us. Last, they also allowed my staff to tour their data center site in Equinix DC10 and we were amazed at how well setup their NOC, security and IaaS platform is.

David Cropper – CIO at Mamiye Brothers, Inc.


Q: How has Virtacore helped enable Measured Reactions to develop your Big Data & SaaS offering?

A: Virtacore has an enterprise level and extremely flexible IaaS platform with hybrid colo facilities that made it possible for us to build and deploy our Big Data based SaaS offering very easily. We have a very unique environment at Measure Reaction and support very unique clients so this hybrid model allows us to host our own equipment to convert TV broadcast signals into IP and then tie that directly to our Virtacore cloud environment. The Virtacore professional services team and cloud platform has allowed a Startup Organization to begin our our operations as a proof of concept and scale to general release. It’s a win-win.

Adam Siner – VP of Operations at Measured Reactions


Q: What IaaS/Cloud providers did you evaluate and what was the deciding factor for choosing a provider?

A: We evaluated several IaaS & Cloud providers like Amazon, Rackspace, Godaddy, Peer 1 hosting & Windows Azure, but ultimately decided to move forward with Virtacore. Their Cisco UCS with Nimble Storage architecture provided the performance and growth flexibility at a lower cost that we wanted. Additionally, their customer service and dedicated account team have always been there for us 24/7.

Tony Munoz – Lead System Engineer at Frameworks

Q: Why do you use Virtacore today?

A: We use Virtacore for cost effective DR and mirroring of one of our primary ERP/applications. Our main global IT data centers are located on premises in our Hong Kong and Chicago offices. We wanted an extra level of redundancy and found Virtacore’s VMware, Cisco UCS & Nimble platform cost effective with high level performance. We are using Veeam replication from our data center to Virtacore’s N. Virginia site for DR.

Don Mungovan – Vice President, Global IT at QST Industries
Jeff Schenck – Director of Global Systems at QST Industries


Q: How would you describe your relationship with Virtacore?

A: We’re very happy working with the team at Virtacore – they’ve been knowledgeable, responsive and supportive throughout the entire process. The solution we’ve put together has completely changed our Company’s IT support without disrupting our business. Specifically my role at INDUS has significantly changed where I can look for ways to add value rather than spend time on risk mitigation. I no longer have to worry about our systems going down or our ability to scale and grow. Instead, I can focus on new ways IT can better service the business and improve our bottom line. Virtacore has helped us get here and I look forward to more we can do together in the future.

John Foley – INDUS Senior IT Manager.


Q: Why did you choose Virtacore?

A: When K12Buy came across Virtacore, there were a few key differentiators that stood out. The solution provided the right features at a very competitive rate, which was extremely beneficial to the company. The service level agreement for uptime made the company feel secure. In addition, the ability to automatically track and make changes was crucial when dealing with on-going audits due to the mission-critical nature of their customers.

Glenn Summerfiled – President K12 buy


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