Cloud Services for Web Companies

Web companies are the core for any business that needs an Internet presence. These web companies store critical data for clients, so they need a way to safely and securely provide Internet-ready applications. With Virtacore, web companies have the power of an advanced cloud infrastructure at cost-efficient prices. You focus on building web-based products for your customers, and Virtacore manages backups, disaster recovery, data redundancy and performance. Our cloud solutions power web companies both large and small with the same high-powered infrastructure across all data centers.

Virtacore’s Cloud IaaS Integration

Finding the right partner for IaaS solutions is difficult with so many options. Virtacore’s cloud services provide only state-of-the-art infrastructure that integrates seamlessly into current network environments. Scale IT equipment vertically or horizontally from just a few clicks of your mouse without the need for design and management. Virtacore’s team of professionals handle maintenance, so you can focus on growing your web company.

Virtacore offers two primary options for web companies that need cost-efficient cloud services: VirtaCloud Reserve, and our hybrid VirtaCloud Power. Included with our cloud services is our professional IT support team available 24/7 365 days of the year.

VirtaCloud Reserve

Expanded cloud infrastructure requires high-performance servers to keep your company’s data integrity and application speed. VirtaCloud Reserve gives you dedicated virtual servers that support your unique IT requirements. Configure, manage, and scale your infrastructure directly from your own personal vCenter dashboard. Customize operating systems, networking equipment, installed applications and reporting options. When you host data in Virtacore’s cloud, we handle backups, security and redundancy for disaster recovery and business continuity.

VirtaCloud Power

When your web company only needs storage, VirtaCloud Power offers a hybrid cloud storage solution that expands existing hardware with our IaaS cloud. Our cost-efficient solution gives web companies advanced scalability and a dynamic way to increase data expansion. With Virtacore’s backup and disaster recovery solutions, your business gets fully compliant data security and redundancy.

Transition to Virtacore’s Cloud IaaS

Moving your data to Virtacore’s cloud is supported by our experienced IT professionals available for any questions or concerns.

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