Cloud Services for Schools

Student records, registration software, incident logging and auditing, and parent information are just some of the critical data important to schools and education institutions. Schools are susceptible to vandalism and theft, so they need a way to store data safely offsite. With Virtacore cloud services, education institutions can gain access to high-speed equipment and data security that can’t be found in most internal networks. Our private, public and hybrid clouds save you money while keeping school data backed up, secure, and reliable.

Virtacore Cloud IaaS Solutions

Integrating the cloud into your local infrastructure gives you the power of disaster recovery, virtual backups and advanced networking without the high cost of equipment. Virtacore’s IaaS services provide the latest state-of-the-art equipment that fits seamlessly into your organization’s network environment. We support any sized business with complex colocation infrastructure or simple cloud data storage and backups.

Virtacore offers two main cloud services for IaaS integration: VirtaCloud Reserve and VirtaCloud Power. Our clients also enjoy 24/7 support with all services from our experienced IT support specialists with every plan they purchase.

VirtaCloud Reserve

Dedicated servers offer schools the ability to manage high-powered equipment remotely without the fear of theft or vandalism. Virtacore stores and backs up your data for redundancy and disaster recovery should you suffer from downtime or data corruption. Schools get the benefit of fast, top-notch performance cloud servers without compromising on security. With VirtaCloud Reserve, schools maintain complex equipment directly from vCenter and customize their own servers, operating systems and application stack.

VirtaCloud Power

With VirtaCloud Power, schools can expand storage reserves while only paying a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing equipment outright. Hybrid storage lets you maintain virtual backups and recovery options in the cloud and keep confident that data is off-site and away from possible thieves or natural disasters. Virtacore maintains high-quality standards and services are fully compliant with all regulatory guidelines.

Transferring Your Data to Virtacore Cloud

Transitioning to Virtacore services is easy with our professional IT support staff available at any time to help you move data with as little downtime as possible.

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