Cloud Services for Law Firms

Your client data is important for any law firm. Losing client data can mean hours of monetary loss and damage to your firm’s reputation. With Virtacore cloud services, you can protect data from cyber security threats and data loss due to natural disasters or theft. We accommodate law firms of all sizes with private, public or hybrid cloud solutions. Using Virtacore cloud, your law firm can save thousands in IT costs while still maintaining the infrastructure integrity and security required by organizations that store sensitive information.

Virtacore’s Advanced IaaS Architecture

Building IT infrastructure is costly, expensive, and takes months to test. With Virtacore cloud services, you get the advantage of high-powered server equipment without the cost of real estate to house it and the manpower to build it. Our services let you build and integrate IT architecture from your own vCenter dashboard even with little knowledge of building a corporate network.

We offer two main services for cloud solutions designed with law firms in mind: VirtaCloud Reserve and VirtaCloud Power. Included with every plan is 24/7 support from highly qualified, experienced IT professionals.

VirtaCloud Reserve

Integrate our world-class server equipment into your local network environment. Virtacore dedicated virtual servers give you the power and performance at a fraction of the cost. Scale services up or down from your designated vCenter dashboard with just a few clicks of the mouse. Configure a customized cloud solution designed for your own requirements. Virtacore Reserve gives you a platform for customized virtual servers including operating systems and application stack.

VirtaCloud Power

Dynamic, flexible storage is the source behind VirtaCloud Power. It’s a hybrid cloud solution that gives your law firm the security of advanced storage with the unlimited capacity that only a cloud provider can offer. Your data is replicated in stored in our Equinix data centers in Ashburn, Chicago, and London. We manage and support your data while you focus on your business.

Get Support and Scalability with Virtacore Cloud

Our support is available 24/7 365 days of the year. We can help you build the right cloud solution specific for law firm continuity and security.

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