Cloud Services for Broadcasting

Broadcasting organizations need fast streaming with no interruptions. Their data contains millions of records between viewer information and data that stores syndicated analytics. What would happen if your live streams failed or data was lost due to a natural disaster? With Virtacore’s cloud services, broadcasters benefit from a stable, flexible cloud with no interruptions and storage devices that keep data safe from any disaster including fire, flood, earthquakes or hurricanes.

Virtacore’s IaaS for Stable Streaming

Our cloud offers high-speed, world-class performance that supports broadcaster requirements for streaming and media. Media files are often large and need the support of advanced storage systems where performance can keep up with the high demands of millions of concurrent viewers. With Virtacore, your organization gets a stable cloud environment that runs in fully redundant Equinix data centers in Ashburn, Chicago, and London. A broadcasting organization can easily integrate advanced infrastructure without the overhead of building and maintaining it.

We offer two main cloud services that support high-volume streaming and data storage: VirtaCloud Reserve and VirtaCloud Power. All services include 24/7 support from experienced cloud professionals there to answer any of your questions.

VirtaCloud Reserve

With VirtaCloud Reserve, your organization can implement IaaS into its own infrastructure with a dedicated vCenter dashboard. You configure your resources with custom settings, and our IT does the rest. Virtacore’s cloud services give you virtual servers designed specifically with the cloud in mind. You can customize your operating system and resources and scale them up or down depending on your own unique needs.

VirtaCloud Power

Store data without buying expensive drives and servers. Your data is secured in Virtacore’s data centers and replicated in case of failure. With VirtaCloud power, your data is no longer susceptible to power outages, natural disasters, or corruption. You’ll always have a backup available in case of a disaster.

Find Out How Virtacore Cloud Services Can Benefit Your Business

Virtacore is a leading IaaS provider that supports industries with high-performance demands. Find out how broadcasting organizations can benefit from cloud services and infrastructure.

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