Cloud Services for Associations

Associations and non-profits often have the difficulties of changing budgets, limited IT funds, and the burden of finding someone who can manage resources. With Virtacore’s cloud services, much of the IT overhead is taken care of by our own specialists, and our tailored plans let you choose which one is right for your budget. In addition to having educated professionals on your team, we also provide unlimited cloud storage following compliant regulatory standards that protect your data should your organization suffer from network failure.

Virtacore IaaS Integration for IT on a Budget

Associations with limited real estate and IT budgets benefit the most from cloud infrastructure. With Virtacore’s IaaS integration, you get the advantage of high-powered advanced resources at a fraction of the cost. You can tailor your cloud backup and storage plan to fit your own organization’s specific needs. Even a startup organization can have advanced server equipment without the high-cost investment to purchase, build and manage it.

Virtacore offers to main services for associations: VirtaCloud Reserve and VirtaCloud Power. Both of these solutions are flexible, stable, and provide affordable plans that let you determine the resources right for your growing association.

VirtaCloud Reserve

Integrating the right hardware into your association can be overwhelming. With VirtaCloud Reserve, you get our high-powered dedicated cloud hardware built specifically for organizations that need IaaS without the hassle of building infrastructure from the ground up. We offer a flexible, dedicated cloud where clients can configure virtual servers with their own operating system and application stack.

VirtaCloud Power

Non-profits and associations need a way to scale IT services as their business grows. With VirtaCloud Power, our hybrid solution gives you the flexibility to build out an environment tailored to your own requirements. Build your own cloud infrastructure, and you have our dedicated IT professionals there to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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