Cloud Services for Accounting Firms

Utilizing Virtacore’s Enterprise Cloud IaaS ensures that your clients’ financial records are protected, yet accessible, from any location or device. Our highly skilled technicians are available by email and phone 24x7x365 so that you will always have your data at your fingertips.

With Virtacore, you can also remain in compliance with all of the strict requirements set forth for accounting firms, as we annually maintain our SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 and SOC 2, PCU DSS, and HIPAA-readiness.

Virtacore’s Enterprise Cloud IaaS

Our cloud services come complete with storage, disaster recovery, virtual backups, and complex data networking. Our experts here at Virtacore will assist in designing an environment tailored to you, guaranteed to meet your future and current needs. Your custom environment will also help you realize significant savings with the strategic evaluation of your requirements.

Virtacore provides two cloud services: our private cloud, VirtaCloud Reserve, and a hybrid cloud, VirtaCloud Power.

Included in these solutions are economical plans to plans that will have your data back online in seconds. All of the plans are guaranteed to be there when you need them and are backed by our expert team of technicians who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

VirtaCloud Reserve

For accounting firms that need dedicated discrete hardware, VirtaCloud Reserve is there for you. With VirtaCloud Reserve you have your own dedicated vCenter and you are even able to install and configure the hypervisor, operating systems (OS), and application stack. Add-on services are available to ensure your transition to our cloud infrastructure is consistent with your IT requirements.

VirtaCloud Power

For accounting firms that need the flexibility to determine your own needs and resources but don’t need dedicated discreet hardware, VirtaCloud Power is a cost-friendly solution for storing your data. With VirtaCloud Power, you can purchase what you need now and quickly scale your resources as you need them in the future.

Work With Virtacore and Transition Smoothly

As a leading IaaS solution provider, Virtacore will be there through the entire process of shifting your infrastructure to the cloud in the best way possible for your firm.

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