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25 June 18

ZertoCon 2018 Was About Creating a Converged Platform

System engineers from Virtacore set out last month to join over 725 other registrants at ZertoCON 2018. The team was eager to hear how the company would continue to stay ahead of increasingly complex IT systems and infrastructure. They weren’t disappointed. They’ve brought back news on Zerto’s product launches and future plans and have shared it with us in this blog post.

Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform™

A large focus of the conference was on Zerto’s launch of its “IT Resilience Platform.” It’s a change of their core messaging from only being a “hypervisor-based replication tool” to being a converged platform for disaster recovery, replication, backups, migration, orchestration, and automation.

Elastic Journal

Zerto would like to change the vision for backups by moving the conversation from “periodic” backups to continuous journal based protection. It will do this by offering the new “Elastic Journal’, which is an improvement of its current journal that will offer long-term retention and search-and-recovery across files and VMs.

Zerto 7

Zerto 7 will be released in Q1 2019. The purpose of Zerto 7 is to add data protection workflows to the company’s IT Resilience Platform while converging backup, DR and cloud mobility solutions into a single, simple and scalable solution.

100% Protection

The Zerto team stated in one of their sessions that the idea of protecting only your “mission critical applications” is outdated because, in our digital economy, ALL business applications and services are mission critical. Zerto is seeing a trend in companies protecting 100% of their systems, not the select 10%.

Multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud platform

There is an operational shift happening in how companies are utilizing the cloud. Previously, companies were only using the public cloud to send their backups and run their dev/test applications. Now companies are leveraging multi-cloud/hybrid clouds to run production and mission-critical applications as well. Zerto is continuing to be a multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud platform by enabling failover/failback capabilities between the popular public cloud vendors like Azure, AWS, and IBM Cloud.

Ransomware mitigation

At the conference, there was a lot of focus on Zerto being used as a ransomware mitigation tool since Zerto customers can failback to checkpoints prior to ransomware attack. As noted at the VeeamON conference, ransomware is a growing problem.

Improved Zerto Analytics platform

Zerto is also making more improvements to its Zerto Analytics platform to help customers and cloud service providers intelligently identify and analyze anomalies and problem areas in their applications. The example demonstrated by showing how Zerto Analytics was able to pinpoint the exact time a business critical application, SharePoint, got hit with ransomware (spike in network I/O), and Zerto’s ability to rollback to a checkpoint right before the time of the incident.

At ZertoCON 2018 a great time was had by all. The sessions were very informative and there was a fun party at the original Lucky Strike with the Masters of Disaster Band. We’ll be back again in 2019.

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