At the Core
16 October 14

What Questions Should You be Asking When Looking for a Cloud Infrastructure Service (IaaS) for your Business

So you're a normal business. You aren't some giant company with tons of resources, but you aren't so small that you can't afford much of anything. You have significant IT demands – you probably have to try and compete with larger organizations with access to more technology and smaller companies that have flexible workflow models. This leaves you smashed somewhere in the middle and needing to find a way to become more technically excellent and more flexible. If we were having this conversation a few years ago, you wouldn't have had many options. Now, let's take a look at Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions and how they can transform the way you do IT.

IaaS offers incredible potential, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when trying to choose a solution.

1. Will the vendor work with you?
As a mid-size business you need help from a vendor to handle a large technology configuration, but also enough flexibility to integrate the cloud configuration with your internal systems and business process framework. As such, you probably don't want a one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box infrastructure system. What you need is to find a vendor that can partner with you to develop an IaaS configuration that gives you the regulatory protection, reliability and flexibility you need in a cost package that makes the service model sensible.

2. How are you handling backup and recovery?
Infrastructure-focused cloud plans can be an excellent way to handle data backup and recovery. Cloud backup and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service solutions can create a cost-efficient pathway to reliable, responsive and adaptable recovery strategies. Mid-sized businesses considering cloud infrastructure plans should analyze their existing backup and recovery strategies and see if their IaaS vendor can offer something better.

3. How will the cloud impact your existing IT teams?
Some organizations may use IaaS to reduce IT staff, but another option is to use the cloud to empower your IT workers. Moving data and infrastructure systems into the cloud through IaaS can free your internal IT staff from many day-to-day management tasks and allow them to spend more time aligning technology plans with business tactics. The result can be a much more strategic IT team that creates more business value and becomes a key enabler for advanced functionality.

IaaS solutions can enable mid-sized organizations to keep up with larger competitors and gain the flexibility of small organizations. Making sure you're prepared going into an IaaS deal can ensure you're able to take full advantage of this functionality.

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