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5 May 15

We’re Down On Downtime: Count On A Cloud Provider With No Outages

Whenever a company turns to an outside provider for help with cloud backup, they're looking for the most reliable partner they can possibly find. Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and the last thing you want is a cloud provider that will lose your data or deny you access to it – even if just for a few minutes. You want the utmost reliability.

"In 2014, Virtacore ranked right up there with the absolute best of the best."

Surprisingly, this isn't always easy to find. Not all cloud providers are created equal, and some actually struggle considerably when it comes to making data consistently available to valued clients, without the slightest bit of downtime.

As you go about looking for a cloud partner, you should look for the best. A reliable cloud solution means a steady source of access to your data, not to mention an adept helping hand whenever you need assistance with disaster recovery.

Are you relying on a big high-tech company for help with housing your data in the cloud? You might be surprised to learn that certain smaller providers are actually more dependable. In 2014, Virtacore ranked right up there with the absolute best of the best.

The goal of "five nines"
For many cloud providers, the goal when it comes to downtime is known as "five nines." In other words, you want to make data available to your clients 99.999 percent of the time. That's pretty formidable – if you do the math, that comes out to about five minutes of downtime per year. In other words, virtually zero.

According to Enterprise Tech, there were no large cloud providers able to reach "five nines" status in 2014. The one that came closest was Amazon Web Services, as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud clocked in as the most reliable provider with about 2.41 hours of downtime, per CloudHarmony research. Amazon only had about 20 outages total for the year, with the longest being a 1.33-hour lapse in April. In other words, the company had about 99.9974 percent reliability – close, but no cigar. 

This brings us to the key question – why settle for "virtually zero" downtime when you can have the real thing?

Virtacore reaches 100 percent
Having no downtime at all might seem impossible, but in actuality it can be done. While reporting on Amazon's relatively high reliability rate, Enterprise Tech also noted that a group of four smaller providers had absolutely no problems with cloud outages in 2014. Virtacore is proud to be one of them.

Along with the other three vendors – IDC Frontier Cloud, KT Ucloud and Speedyrails VPS – Virtacore proved that it is indeed possible to provide perfect, 100 percent reliable cloud backup services for your customers. There's no reason to settle for 99 point anything.

The value of zero downtime
It's good to fully understand the importance of going with a cloud provider that offers little to no outages. Your cloud backup data is the key to keeping your business operational, whether it's just another day at the office or a scary disaster recovery scenario. Either way, your data is paramount. If your cloud solution has no downtime, your business won't either – which means you'll have all the tools you need to stay productive and profitable.

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