At the Core
5 February 14

Virtacore was founded in 2003

In 2003, our company started providing co-location for gaming servers that needed high performance facilities for bandwidth intensive services. From assisting gaming organizations to providing cloud solutions to enterprise and global business organizations, we have come a long way.

Virtacore started out as Defender Hosting. Defender utilized streaming video technologies to host gaming servers on its network. As a technology leader for a small industry niche, Defender expanded into virtual private servers in 2004 by acquiring PowerVPS. Defender integrated the PowerVPS technologies for Linux and Windows Virtual Private Servers. Defender was one of only a few providers that offered a full range of options early on including cPanel and SWsoft’s Plesk (now Parallels) hosting control panels.

With the name change to Virtacore and a new focus on virtualization and core cloud technologies, Virtacore continued their expansion as a cloud services provider operating early on out of the Equinix IBX data centers. Defender Hosting was then acquired by IKANO in 2009. Virtacore is now part of the Insight Venture Partners portfolio of companies that also includes names such as SolarWinds, Twitter, Chegg, Tumblr, Flipboard, Zumba and Quest Software.

Equinix 1

As mentioned in our earlier post, Virtacore is located at the center of the Internet within the United States. We operate as one of the top services providers in North America in Ashburn, also known as “data center alley”. Ashburn is one of the top 5 busiest Internet hubs in the world, right behind Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, and Moscow.

Equinix 8

From our humble beginnings to now providing some of the most advanced and fastest cloud infrastructure in North America to our customers, we continue to innovate our offerings. We have expanded our @cisco UCS Platform as Cisco upgrades their product line. Virtacore has also announced a recent partnership with @nimble. This allows Nimble Storage customers to replicate data directly to Virtacore’s cloud using the CASL architecture inherent in Nimble Storage devices.

If you would like to understand more about our cloud offerings, sophisticated data centers, recent partnerships, or our history, let us know. We’d like to have you visit us for a private tour of our Ashburn, Virginia data center.


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