4 November 14

Virtacore-Sophos Partnership Bringing Cloud Security to Another Level

ASHBURN, VA–Virtacore, a leading provider of VMware-based virtual infrastructure services for test and development, production and disaster recovery environments, has partnered with Sophos to deliver advanced security functionality to its customers.

Sophos is a security specialist that offers diverse data protection services that are compiled together into a holistic solution. The goal is to create a powerful, complete security platform that is simple and easy to use, but still sophisticated enough to meet contemporary operational demands.

The Virtacore-Sophos partnership isn’t new, but it is a relationship that is actively leading to significant security gains for Virtacore’s varied base of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, cloud backup and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service solutions. When the functionality offered by Virtacore and Sophos is combined, users end up gaining access to optimized virtual infrastructure services and security tools that make it easier for them to keep data safe while dealing with different user demands.

“Our clients love the Sophos UTM Virtual Firewall solution within our enterprise IaaS platform,” said George Naspo, CEO, Virtacore. “For 85 percent of our clients, the ease of use and its turned-on feature functionality goes beyond what is expected from enterprise-class solutions. Sophos is the trusted name in enterprise security and our clients can leverage their solution to perform load balancing, VPN encryption and intrusion detection and prevention from the same virtual appliance. Our Sophos platform also works well across the board for integration with onsite devices. Lastly, it has virtually unlimited scalability and accessibility, making it flexible enough to create incredible value for both small and medium-sized businesses.”

Security is always an issue when a business wants to turn to the cloud. There are two key issues that come into play here – effectively protecting data regardless of which device or network it is moving through and making sure users have enough control of the service model to maintain ownership of their data.

The Sophos security platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses facing an increasingly complex array of devices accessing the data from a variety of sources. The overarching theme is to make security simple despite the different devices and connections that IT must deal with. At Virtacore, we pride ourselves on being a boutique service provider. Our solutions are not built out in a rigid structure that you have to make work. Instead, we emphasize flexibility and adaptability to client demands, giving you the control you need.

Balancing security and control is vital as various cloud services become more prominent, and the Virtacore-Sophos partnership is designed to meet these needs.

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