22 January 13

Virtacore Partners with Nimble Storage

Virtacore has recently announced a partnership with Nimble Storage to play a significant role in its current data centers. In an effort to balance costs with performance, Virtacore selected the Nimble Storage CS-Series to be a key part of their cloud infrastructure framework. Nimble has developed the first hybrid storage architecture engineered from the ground up to seamlessly integrate flash and high-capacity drives. Leveraging Nimble Storage’s Scale to Fit architecture, Virtacore has decreased customer onboarding times and improved efficiencies in their infrastructure.

“…the Nimble Storage solution provides all of the performance and operating metrics we demand to maintain our competitive advantage in the exploding cloud services market,” said Phill Lawson-Shanks, CTO of Virtacore. “We have been continually surprised and delighted with the performance of the Nimble arrays during new client deployments. When speaking to C-level technology executives and Directors, I have complete confidence that the Nimble arrays will meet their specific needs. As a CTO, in a technology service company, having confidence in this aspect of the infrastructure is worth a great deal to me.”

Virtacore is a leading cloud services provider that specializes in virtual infrastructure solutions utilizing VMware. With over 12 years of experience in cloud and internet services, Virtacore has a long history of providing public and private cloud solutions to meet the needs of clients. The Virtacore service offerings include complete cloud solutions and platforms, disaster recovery solutions as well as Google Apps implementation and integration. Virtacore is based in Sterling, Virginia.

Founded and led by storage industry veterans, Nimble Storage is the fastest growing storage vendor in history. Nimble Storage thinks enterprises shouldn’t have to compromise on performance, capacity, ease of use, or price. So they developed Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™), the first storage architecture designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate SSDs with high-capacity disks, all to give you unparalleled performance and capacity efficiency, easier backups and DR, and stress-free operations.

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