At the Core
27 January 14

Virtacore is located at the center of the Internet within the United States.

After positing our 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Virtacore article, we would like to expand with some additional details on the strategic location of our data center headquarters. Ashburn, Virginia is located close to Dulles International Airport and is about 40 minutes from Washington D.C. Northern Virginia, also known as NoVa, is one of the true technology centers of the United States.

So why is there a large concentration of technology companies with operations here including @Virtacore partners @Cisco, @VMware, @Google, and @Equinix? One of the biggest reasons is Loudoun County has over 8 million square feet of data center facilities, equivalent to 40 Wal-Mart Supercenters, and a massive amount of fiber bandwidth capacity. These are some of the components that allow half the world’s internet traffic to flow through the Loudoun County area. Additional historical elements that make Ashburn a true technology center include the headquarters of dot-com boom companies such as AOL and MCI-WorldCom. Due to the close proximity to DC, Ashburn also benefits greatly from government investment. All of these factors helped contribute to the growth of the region, resulting in the birth of new technology startups.

Ashburn, also known as “data center alley”, is one of the top 5 busiest Internet hubs in the world, right behind Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, and Moscow. Our location allows Virtacore’s customers to take advantage of all the network connectivity available within our data center facilities. With so many carriers in one place, we can more easily connect to our customer’s global locations.

In his book Tubes, author Andrew Blum documents how Ashburn, Virginia is the The Bullseye of America’s Internet. “Ashburn, Virginia is a small town that Internet people think of as a giant city. They toss around ‘Ashburn’ as if it were London or Tokyo, and often in the same sentence.” This statement couldn’t be more true – that’s why we chose to have our headquarters here!


So What’s inside?

The data centers we host our enterprise cloud services in are some of the most sophisticated centers in the world. Additionally, what makes the data centers unique are the cross connection capabilities, the large amount of carriers within the facility, N+1 (or greater) redundancy, >99.999% uptime record, power density, and 7 layers of security. Data Center

Virtacore also recently upgraded their cloud infrastructure inside our data centers  to an enterprise fabric leveraging Cisco UCS, Nimble and VMware vCloud Suite.  To understand more about these sophisticated data centers, their history, and the cloud services we offer within them, let us know and we can provide you a private tour in our Ashburn, Virginia data centers.

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