31 May 13

Virtacore CTO Speaks at MidTech IT Summit

Phill Lawson-Shanks, CTO of Virtacore, will be presenting at the MidTech IT Summit taking place June 2 – 4, 2013 in Chicago. Lawson-Shanks’ presentation will be titled: “Get Used to Change – How Younger Generations will Change Your Perspectives.”

The scope of the presentation will cover the following topics:
As the Millennial consumers come of age in the internet era, their changing behaviors will have a huge impact on how we develop and deploy technology and business solutions. Looking back almost 150 years we have seen industries created as a direct response to technical demands and changes in society. Each generation is responsible for shaping current and evolving technology by how it puts it to practical use. The impact Millennials have on how we conceptualize technology is changing more rapidly than ever and cannot be overstated. This shift in how we view technology is shaping a completely new generation of business processes, interaction and technology-related services that were almost unthinkable a few years ago. Phill Lawson-Shanks will discuss the impact these changes and perspectives will have on technology leaders and managers as well as what CIO’s need to consider in order to be successful in this new business landscape.

To learn more about Phill Lawson-Shanks, check out his bio on the Management Team page of the Virtacore website.

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