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8 October 15

The Interconnected Internet: Virtacore Provides Access To Equinix Exchange

The beauty of cloud computing in business today is that it helps modern professionals reach an entirely new level of connectivity and flexibility. When people store their work files in the cloud today, they can do all sorts of things with them tomorrow. They can access them from any location, using any device, and share them with whomever they choose for the purposes of information sharing and collaboration.

"By moving the entire backbone of your organization into the cloud, you can take your business to the next level."

That's why cloud infrastructure providers have become so popular. By moving the entire backbone of your organization into the cloud, you can take your business to the next level. If your whole system is online rather than saved locally on employees' machines, you can do so much more with it than you could otherwise.

Having said that, one of the advantages of cloud computing is that your cloud infrastructure does not merely exist in a vacuum. Because all of our data is on the same Internet together, our various cloud services are inherently interconnected. And thanks to Virtacore's access to the Equinix Exchange, you can easily navigate from our platform to other services from Office365, Amazon and many, many more providers. Here's how it works…

Explaining the Equinix Exchange
In short, Equinix is a global interconnection company that enables seamless, on-demand and direct access to the cloud via many disparate networks and providers. The goal is to bring everyone together, making it easier for users of various cloud servers to collaborate with one another.

Tony Bishop, chief strategy officer at The 451 Group, said in a company news release in 2014 when the Equinix Exchange was unveiled that this is an important development – with the large volume of cloud providers in business today, a tool used for interconnecting them is a huge boon to productivity.

"As an increasing number of enterprises move to the cloud, they require a new level of interconnectivity to access multiple clouds, across multiple sites, from a broad range of networks," Bishop said.

Valuing both interconnection and data security
Companies today are walking a fine line – they want to maintain the same level of convenience the cloud has always offered them, but without sacrificing data security. Fortunately Ihab Tarazi, chief technology officer at Equinix, says that the exchange makes this easier than you think.

"Companies are recognizing that the Internet has security and performance limitations, given that it is inherently open and shared publicly," Tarazi said in a statement. "By utilizing direct access via the Equinix Cloud Exchange, businesses no longer have to compromise on these essential requirements when accessing cloud providers."

The key to business success is working quickly and efficiently without putting yourself or your data in jeopardy. Equinix can help make that happen.

When disaster hits, you want a cloud provider you can trust.When disaster hits, you want a cloud provider you can trust.

Staying focused on disaster recovery
So where does Virtacore come into all of this? Naturally, our job is to keep your business operational at all times, without the fear of interruption due to a weather disaster or any other type of technical catastrophe.

At Virtacore, we look to offer you the best possible disaster recovery services, and that means keeping your company's downtime to an absolute minimum. The interconnectedness of the Equinix Exchange makes this easier than ever, as it gives you a way to find your data quickly and confidently, no matter the circumstances.

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