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10 September 15

Take A Look Around: Data Center Tours Help Ease Pain Points Of CIOs

While there's been a great increase lately in people's acceptance of cloud computing as a key business tool, there are still some doubters. Skeptics still say that despite the advantages of cloud computing, they're worried about the security of putting all their data online, where it's out of their hands and beyond their control. What happens to all those files once they hand them over?

"Backing up all your files remotely, in the cloud, is actually a way of making them more secure and not less."

The reality is that they're simply stored in a data center – a facility that's typically better organized and more secure than any server that the typical business manages in-house. It might be difficult for some to believe, but backing up all your files remotely, in the cloud, is actually a way of making them more secure and not less.

Don't believe it? Taking a look around might help.

It's time to take the tour
First and foremost, business leaders who doubt the cloud are worried about security. How safe can their data be if it's out of their sight?

The good news, though, is that familiarity can breed comfort. Channelnomics reported that after managers go on tours of data centers, they realize their pain points aren't so painful after all. Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global, told the news source that seeing a data center firsthand can alleviate security issues quickly.

"If you're an enterprise CIO and your top reason for not wanting to go to cloud is security, once you get through these discussions, do the tour of the facilities and understand that it is all dedicated and solely private to you, you sort of change your mind on the issue," Shutt said.

The reality is that the cloud works well for all kinds of security including physical (protection against a hurricane), and cybersecurity (protection against a hacker). Once you see a data center for yourself, you start to believe it.

Selling the secure environment
Even if it's irrational, a lot of business leaders are still afraid of data centers. They seem big, unknown and untrustworthy.

Data centers aren't as scary as you might initially think.Data centers aren't as scary as you might initially think.

The solution to this problem is that cloud computing providers are beginning to reframe the conversation. They're no longer using the data's physical location as a key selling point.

"We don't say we're selling data center," Shutt told Channelnomics. "We say we're providing a dedicated, private environment for hosting their private cloud also with the ability to give them a hybrid environment, so we're going to connect into some sort of private cloud."

This way sounds a lot more secure. And it's true – all a cloud provider does is provide a safe haven for data, just in case one should be needed.

Keeping your business protected
In reality, data centers aren't scary – they protect against what's scary. The cloud can help any business access disaster recovery services that will help retrieve data during times of crisis.

Is a storm coming to wipe out your servers and corrupt your files? No worries – your Disaster Recovery as a Service partner can help you get them all back in no time at all. When it matters most, you'll come to realize that the data center is your best friend, not your adversary.

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