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8 January 15

Stay Safe Anywhere: Effective Cloud Backup Is Important All Over, Especially In Southeast

If you only believe the latest hype, you might be fooled into thinking that only businesses in ostensibly "high-risk" areas need to worry about the safety of their cloud backup data. Indeed, there are certain areas that are highly vulnerable to disasters that might affect their data – there are plenty of earthquakes in California, tornadoes in the Great Plans and hurricanes near coastal cities like Miami and New Orleans. But those are far from the only areas where important files might be in jeopardy.

One area that's not talked about as much in this regard – but perhaps it should be – is the Southeastern United States, in particular large metropolitan areas like Atlanta. These places may not often make headlines with weather-related disasters, but mishaps do still happen, and it's essential that businesses in these areas do what they can to protect their data.

Disaster recovery is an important resource for everyone, not just those who find themselves in the eye of a hurricane every other week. Let's explore why the Southeast in particular needs to be more aware of this issue.

Atlanta gets hit hard, too
While there are other more high-profile areas that often fall victim to weather-related disasters, major metropolitan areas in the Southeast are absolutely not immune.

"Disaster recovery is an important resource for everyone, not just those who find themselves in the eye of a hurricane every other week."

According to American Thinker, Atlanta has had a tough time recently with inclement weather disrupting the flow of business operations. Energy and national security expert Sierra Rayne explained that harsh weather has been physically damaging and deleterious to business productivity.

"Extreme weather, including severe storms, heat waves, cold snaps and more intense hurricanes are all becoming more typical in a warmer world," Rayne noted. "These events have a large toll in terms of physical damage, lost productivity, higher insurance costs, and public health. For example the 'polar vortex' snowfall of 2014 practically shut down Atlanta with road gridlock while thousands of children had to spend the night at school because their parents couldn't reach them."

What happens if a blizzard or another similarly dangerous event strikes the area? Seeing as this is always a threat, it's important for businesses in the Southeast to prepare themselves.

Smarter strategies for data security
Atlanta is an epicenter for business success in the Southeast. Tech startups, financial organizations and law firms can all thrive there. But when disaster strikes the city, either in the from of a winter storm or otherwise, it's important that these data-dependent industries have contingency plans they can fall back on.

Winter weather can affect everyone.

One applicable piece of advice is for these firms to make sure their cloud backup data is stored elsewhere. Remote data storage can help keep their vital files safe even if their operations at home must be put on hold temporarily. This is a key step toward data security.

For its part, Virtacore is branching out into the Southeast region, placing an especially high level of focus in Atlanta. Disaster recovery resources are about to come more readily available to an area of the United States that often needs them.

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