At the Core
13 November 14

Small is the new Big: Why Boutique IaaS Providers are Better

You'll have plenty of options at your disposal when looking for cloud solutions, and if you want Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) systems, you need to carefully analyze every aspect of the service plan. This is where you need to basically treat your IaaS experience like walking into a store to make a purchase. The image of walking into a specialist boutique where you get incredible service comes to mind. While shopping with major retail giants gives you a wide selection of options, smaller retailers are emerging that offer the kind of expertise and customer-centric operations that were common in the past. This same principle extends beyond traditional retail solutions and extends to cloud infrastructure services.

Boutique IaaS providers can make you feel like you are walking into the kind of store where you are pampered and get help to find exactly what you need. It's just like how you'll get more attention and care from the Genius Bar at an Apple store than you would at Best Buy. From there, boutique specialists maintain that quality of service throughout the time you are using the product. This level of attention is especially vital when you are looking for an IaaS plan. Here are a few reasons why:

1. You need to maximize IaaS' potential
An IaaS plan can create value for businesses by helping them offload systems that are burdening their IT staff and reduce costs. However, organizations using IaaS become incredibly dependent on the technology to meet their day-to-day operational needs. This is where a boutique provider is so valuable. The extra attention, service and customization you get when working with such a vendor can ensure your IaaS plan delivers on its full potential.

2. You can't afford risk
Purchasing the wrong IaaS solution, or working with a vendor that can't adequately protect your data, can be crushing for your business. An IaaS provider that is built around handling a large volume of customers will usually try to make a one-size-fits-all security and process framework work with its various clients. A boutique provider can fine tune its various solutions to meet your specific needs, including handling data in compliance with regulatory standards you need to follow.

3. You need an ongoing relationship
An IaaS investment is a big commitment, and you really can't afford to just put it into place and let it go. A boutique vendor will pay continual attention to your service needs and give you a partnership built on mutual benefits. You need your service provider to be in it for the long haul.

The days of getting a unique level of service and support behind any purchasing decision aren't gone. There may not be many providers offering such robust solutions, but boutique IaaS vendors are creating a culture of excellence that harkens back to classic models of customer service.

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