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27 March 15

Slowly Drifting Skies: 4 Reasons For Hesitant Companies To Adopt The Cloud

For several years now, cloud computing has been a rapidly growing sector within the business world. Business leaders all around the globe have come to realize that with cloud solutions, they have a new way of managing their data and making it more accessible, not to mention more secure. They're using the cloud for managing day-to-day workflow and assisting in disaster recovery situations.

Cloud use is intuitive. It's an idea that just about anyone can get behind. But surprisingly, there are still a few stragglers. According to The Next Web, recent survey data shows that 49 percent of executive-level IT managers think the cloud can transform their businesses, and yet many are still reluctant to adopt such solutions themselves. Why is that?

"Cloud use is intuitive. It's an idea that just about anyone can get behind."

Rich Quick, founder of early-stage IT training startup, believes that it's largely a matter of control. Quick told The Next Web that IT directors and chief information officers are used to having the entire tech infrastructure at their fingertips, and moving it into the cloud makes it more difficult for these leaders to handle their business.

"If a hard drive fails or a CPU overheats, it's the IT department who get the 3 a.m. call to fix it," Quick noted. "It's up to them to order the replacement hardware, power down the machine and get it back into production as soon as possible. By moving to cloud computing, the IT director or CIO can feel like they're handing over control to a third party."

That's one argument, but sadly it's just one of many. So let's flip the script – why should companies adopt the cloud? Here are four reasons to set the reluctant attitude aside and make the move.

Upending enterprise architecture
While many IT leaders today enjoy having their old IT architectures in place, it's time to upend the status quo and usher in a new way of managing data. The cloud works better because it provides an entirely new way of operating the enterprise, giving structure to everyday workflow.

Making data widely available
One of the best things about the cloud is it's always available. If you need to access your files, you can – it doesn't matter if it's 2 a.m., or if you're halfway around the world on a business trip, or anything else. Making data accessible to everyone makes it far easier to stay productive.

Achieving better data security
Every company needs its files to be protected. If you're backing up your data on local machines or remote hard drives, you always have to worry about security – what happens if one of those devices is compromise? By moving data to the cloud, you can make it far safer.

Regaining complete control
There's a common sentiment that moving data to the cloud entails ceding control of it, but that's not necessarily true. With infrastructure as a service, in fact, the customer has the ability to manage files effectively at all times. Virtacore's solution gives you more control than ever, thanks to the full version of the VMware Vcenter.

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