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6 February 19

How the Marine Corps, Mentors and Sales that Went Awry Shaped M3Com and Virtacore Sales Chief Paul Borror into the Fearless Leader He’s Become

The Sales Game Changers Podcast is “A Powerful Podcast for Sales Professionals.” Paul Borror, Virtacore’s Vice President of Sales, is a guest on the podcast in this episode.

The show’s notes and transcript follow:

PAUL’S FINAL TIP TO EMERGING SALES LEADERS: “Show up to give. I think too many of us in the sales game show up to get. We need a PO, we need a meeting, we need the next thing – why don’t we show up to give? Make every interaction with your customer and prospect as valuable as possible and leave the folks that you meet better for the time that you spent together. Show up to give.”

Paul Borror is the VP of Sales at M3COM and Virtacore.

He has held sales leadership positions at NetApp and Concur.

Paul served in the US Marine Corps.

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Paul Borror: I look at sales as a deeply personal endeavor. It’s something I really want to do, it’s something that has really become a part of me. I’ve been at this for a while and the thing that I’ve noticed is that we’re really in the hero-making business. We want to make our company a hero, our boss a hero, our sales teams heroes and really when you think about it, we want to show up and make our customer a hero for choosing to go with the solution that we have.

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