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1 October 15

Run For Cover: Hurricane Joaquin May Threaten Your Company’s Data

If you've taken even a moment this week to read the headlines or check the weather forecast, then you've probably heard the news – a major hurricane is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean, and it may be headed for the East Coast of the U.S. soon.

"How does this week's news impact your disaster recovery planning?"

Tropical Storm Joaquin has evolved into Hurricane Joaquin, and the threat is becoming more and more real by the hour. Millions of Americans are bracing themselves for what could be a serious weather disaster.

Everyone in its path should be prepared – whether you're just an individual homeowner or the CEO of a big corporation, a hurricane can affect you. But for now, let's focus on one key challenge – protecting your company's data from a major catastrophe like Hurricane Joaquin. What do you do? How does this week's news impact your disaster recovery planning?

Time to take Joaquin seriously
If you were holding out any doubt about the threat that Joaquin posed on U.S. soil, it may be time to face the facts – this storm is for real. According to CNN, Joaquin strengthened from a tropical storm into a major hurricane on Wednesday night. The U.S. National Hurricane Center has classified it as a Category 3 storm, and it's ready to hit the Bahamas with heavy rain and dangerous storm surges.

"Winds are expected to first reach tropical storm strength in the warning area Wednesday night, making outside preparations difficult or dangerous," the hurricane center said in a statement. "Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion."

Joaquin is plenty powerful – maximum sustained winds from the hurricane are checking in at about 115 miles per hour, and rainfall could be as much as 20 inches. That's in the Bahamas, mind you, but the storm is also headed for American soil soon.

A state of emergency is upon us
The East Coast of the U.S. is likely to be hit as well, and Americans are bracing for it in a big way. In Virginia, for example, the governor has already declared a state of emergency. Terry McAuliffe just released a statement saying that extreme weather is a real possibility throughout the week.

"I cannot stress enough the imperative for Virginians to focus on the rainstorms that are headed our way tomorrow and Friday, well before Hurricane Joaquin could potentially impact Virginia," McAuliffe said. "The forecast of up to 10 inches of rain in areas across Virginia could result in floods, power outages and a serious threat to life and property."

Virginia is preparing to be hit hard by Hurricane Joaquin.Virginia is preparing to be hit hard by Hurricane Joaquin.

McAuliffe even went so far as to say some residents may need to evacuate their homes if the storms become really extreme. This hurricane is a serious matter.

How do you protect your business?
If you're an individual homeowner, you can simply evacuate the house, but in business, what can you do?

Your first priority should probably be to protect your data. Your company no doubt has volumes of important files that you can't do without – those files need to be safeguarded against the potential destruction that lies ahead.

The best way to go is with DR in the cloud. This way, your data is online, where no hurricane can find it, and your business can continue to operate smoothly with no lost files and no downtime.

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