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23 June 15

Roll With The Punches: Cloud Offers A Greater Level Of Flexibility

Around the world, we're observing a steady rise in the popularity of cloud computing, especially for business purposes. Companies are investing in the cloud for a myriad of reasons, including their desire to save money and increase the speed and efficiency of everything they do.

"One of the most important advantages of cloud computing is its flexibility."

But perhaps one of the most important advantages of cloud computing is its flexibility. When companies move their data from legacy solutions to the cloud, they gain a newfound ability to customize every aspect of their operations. This includes how much storage space they use, how many employees take part and what specific special features they take advantage of.

Whether your company is using a new cloud-based dashboard for managing overall workflow or cloud backup solutions to safeguard data for disaster recovery reasons, either way, you'll appreciate the increased flexibility that the cloud has to offer.

Say Goodbye To Legacy Solutions
The old ways of managing data for your business were rigid and difficult to coordinate. For example, if you needed more storage space, you probably had to buy a whole new machine, and that obviously wasn't cheap. But according to, one of the great benefits of cloud computing is the flexibility it offers compared to the old legacy methods.

Janel Ryan, director of product marketing at SunGard, told the news source that the customizable nature of the cloud is a perfect match for the dynamic way that people do business today.

"In contrast to legacy hosting services, which often locked companies into contracts for multiple months or years, today's cloud computing services are offered by the month or based on the consumption of resources," Ryan noted. "This is a perfect match for some industries, such as retail and financial services, which are subject to boom times and quiet times in their normal business cycles."

Expediting Business Collaboration
The key to managing data in business today is doing so in a way that encourages collaboration. Today's employees are sharing files constantly and helping each other with projects at all times.

Collaboration is key in business today.Collaboration is key in business today.

According to The Guardian, this is a key reason that the flexibility of the cloud is so important. Luke Connoley, associate director at Unwork, told the news source that with easier collaboration, IT projects that once took a year can now be completed in months or even weeks.

"Cloud computing allows organizations to provide collaboration and communication tools, software, apps and access to documents and databases not only from anywhere, but also on a cost per use (or user) basis," Connoley said. "This has a significant impact on an organization's flexibility and ability to introduce new tools and phase out old tools."

Ensuring Easier Disaster Recovery
Perhaps the most important use for cloud computing is to assist with disaster recovery. After all, when your data goes down, it can threaten the profit potential of your entire business.

If and when this happens, you want the authority to access exactly the right files at the right times. Flexibility is key. Fortunately, this is one thing the cloud model can offer in spades.

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