At the Core
30 January 15

Numerous Businesses Lack Plans for Cloud Data Backup

As cloud computing has become a more and more omnipresent part of the way we do business, corporate leaders have become eager to explore the value of the cloud for a great many functions. They're using online solutions for managing their employees, handling their day-to-day business tasks and collaborating on complex projects.

One area where they could still stand to improve, though, is in greater adoption of cloud backup solutions. Every business needs to have its critical files backed up, as a disaster recovery solution can be a lifesaver if corporate data is ever damaged. Using the cloud for DR is a beneficial step, as it makes the process of recovering files more reliable and efficient.

And yet, according to Business 2 Community, few businesses are taking action to back up their data in the cloud. Business technology expert Jennifer Burnham notes that most people are still using old methods like backing up their files on disks or tapes. Per Gartner data, the proportion of businesses considering the cloud is still less than 5 percent.

"It is not surprising that these custodians of corporate data and operations are conservative in their cloud approach," Burnham explained. "A quick tour of the conference show floor showed a strong preference for 'things you can kick' such as data center server hardware, disk arrays, cooling systems, and other infrastructure equipment. However, it is surprising that cloud is not more top-of-mind given the increasing amount of money spent on backup."

The market for corporate data backup is worth $5 billion and rising. It seems inevitable that as companies continue searching for solutions for their data security needs, they'll turn to the cloud for the added levels of security and efficiency that it can provide.

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