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29 September 15

No Rest For Your Data: Nimble Storage Offers Vital Extra Layer Of Data Security

In today's business climate, just about everyone has a clear reason to be concerned about data security. Every business – from massive corporations like Google to small mom-and-pop shops – has to worry about the threat of cyberattacks and other technical disasters that may threaten the safety of their data. These days, your data is absolutely vital. Your business can't run without it.

"It's important to be aggressive in exploring new strategies for safeguarding data."

For this reason, it's important to be aggressive in exploring new strategies for safeguarding data. One hot new topic today is the idea of providing encryption for "data at rest" – in other words, data that's stored in persistent storage media such as disks and tapes. Even if such data is "resting" and seems secure, it's still vulnerable to theft. Encryption helps deter that threat, which makes it a valuable part of any disaster recovery planning strategy.

Nimble Storage is one company that's looking to handle this challenge right. With more than 5,500 customers and a passion for keeping their data secure, Nimble decided that now was the time to add an extra layer of protection for at-rest data. Jeff Feierfeil, product manager for Nimble Storage, explained in a company release that another layer of encryption is an important step for DR in the cloud.

"For IT architects in corporate data centers and commercial data service providers, the key storage issues center around the integrity, availability and scalability of different data storage systems – and the security of the data they store," Feierfeil stated. "These concerns have increased substantially with the growth of cloud and mobile computing, spurring many IT leaders to call in their security and compliance teams to assess the measures being taken to protect corporate data."

This is a big development. Here are some further details:

Why encryption matters
In conversations with its clients, Nimble discovered that companies today have a number of reasons to look more closely at encryption. First and foremost, it's been mandated for them – measures such as HIPAA in the health care sector have thrust data security into the spotlight. Furthermore, increased attention to cybertheft has become prevalent across all industries, leaving IT professionals eager to do something about it.

You want a business partner you can trust.You want a business partner you can trust.

What clients are looking for
At this point, it's clear that companies are looking for an IaaS provider that can help them with encryption. So what specifically are they looking for? Nimble customers have spoken – they want a solution that's simple, that's affordable without any steep hardware upgrade costs and is easy to use on all platforms, including legacy hardware and software. Fortunately, Nimble can meet all of the above criteria and more.

Virtacore now offers greater security
Here's the kicker – thanks to its strong business partnership with Nimble, Virtacore will now be able to offer this same level of data encryption to its valued customers. This is important for companies in every industry – whether you're in health care, payment processing, finance or any other line of work, your data needs to be protected, and this extra layer of encryption can be a major benefit to your business.

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