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9 June 15

Network Nor’easters: Why New England’s Cloud Data Needs Protection

Compared to their many counterparts nationwide, the six New England states stand out as hotbeds of technical innovation. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine represent an area where there's a great deal of highly educated, talented people with the potential to change the world with technology.

"Keeping an eye on DR is vital for any company that wants to stay profitable."

There's just one potential problem, though. The northeastern corner of the U.S. also represents an area that's highly vulnerable to natural disasters and other events that might threaten the security of their data and stability of their operations. For this reason, it's important for any New England business to think about disaster recovery planning.

Keeping an eye on DR is vital for any company that wants to stay profitable. Even if you're bringing in all the revenue in the world, it can still go down the drain if a disaster comes along and destroys your data and your productivity. You need to be protected.

This is why cloud data backup is such a key priority – for everyone, really, but especially for businesses in the Northeast where the level of risk is so high. By putting your important files in the cloud, you can keep them safe from whatever elements might be headed your way.

New England is always at risk
The risk of a disaster that might impact your data is something that exists everywhere. No company is immune. But in New England, the level of vulnerability is especially high. Consider the fact that the region is still recovering from one of the most devastating winters in recorded history, with record levels of snowfall.

The Gloucester Times reported that many cities and towns in the region are asking the federal government for help because they took such a hard financial hit due to the snowstorms. The total requests coming from the region are upwards of $80 million.

John Isensee, public works director for the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, told the newspaper that he's still working on covering the snow removal costs that his local government accrued this winter.

"We spent more than $800,000 just picking up snow alone," Isensee said.

This is just one small part of the problem. There's also the fact that blizzards can knock out power lines, disable computers and cut off your access to your data. When events like this happen, it's important to act quickly and keep your business operational.

Cloud-based DR is the answer
One proposed solution is for companies to save their data on backup tapes, which helps them recover it later. But according to TechTarget, some leading tech thinkers in the New England region are opposed to this strategy. For example, Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst of ZK Research in Westminster, Massachusetts, told the news source that companies need to store their data remotely in case they can't access it at their own local facilities.

Snowstorms can cause myriad issues for your New England business.Snowstorms can cause myriad issues for your New England business.

"There's a number of different reasons why a physical building may be unavailable, and it's not just [natural] disasters," Kerravala said. "That's the sort of thing most people focus on, and I think it's very myopic."

It's impossible to predict how or why your access to your data might be obstructed. But one thing's for sure – with a cloud-based solution that helps you recover files quickly, you can keep your business up and running with little to no downtime.

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