24 October 14

Moving to the cloud just got easier

by Robert Bianco, VP and general manager of tw telecom New York, N.Y.
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The race to the cloud in the commercial real estate industry is ever more apparent as more and more companies look to reduce costs, improve efficiency and workplace mobility, and better serve clients by offering the latest available technology.

tw telecom, a leading provider of Business Ethernet and networking solutions, recently announced that it has partnered with Virtacore, a leading cloud services provider specializing in virtual infrastructure solutions. The partnership will provide a combination of cloud, network and data center services, allowing customers the ability to easily deploy flexible cloud solutions.

Virtacore uses technologies built on Cisco’s UCS platform, VMware’s VSphere, and hybrid storage using either NetApp or Nimble devices hosted at Equinix data centers. Utilizing tw telecom’s eLynk service, a next generation, private data service securely connecting multiple end user businesses to one centralized cloud or Application Provider (AP), Virtacore customers benefit from a secure, dedicated and scalable Ethernet cloud connection.

In addition, Virtacore customers will also experience the benefit of being able to increase their bandwidth as needed, providing real-time visibility into network performance metrics such as usage, latency, packet loss and jitter.

As businesses advance to the cloud, it is highly important for them to not only ensure a secure connection, but also to be granted the ability to maintain visibility and control of their networks. The combination of Virtacore’s ability to extend a customer’s IT infrastructure into the cloud – hybrid, public and private – coupled with tw telecom’s secure and easy to manage connection via eLynk is essential for helping customers achieve security and control, all the while improving their business performance.

CRE Moving to the Cloud

Commercial real estate stands out as one of the top industries benefiting the most with the cloud computing surge. With CRE offices spread across cities, regions or even worldwide, securely and easily sharing and keeping track of data is highly crucial to success. The desktop is passé; paper is archaic; the future is in the cloud. CRE companies are working to eliminate technology hurdles that keep them locked into not only their desktop computers, but their entire offices as well. Offices are no longer needed as places to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The cloud enables business professionals to work anywhere, using any device.

The cloud offers:

Scalability and Flexibility – The cloud suits a range of business needs, allowing businesses to add or remove users, software features, and other resources as needed.

Independence – Thanks to cloud computing capabilities, such as servers and network storage, the cloud does not require human interaction. The cloud enables companies to build networks via the Internet at any point, from any location.

Accessibility – Companies in the cloud are able to accommodate multiple locations quickly and seamlessly, and allow employees to easily enter and use data that is hosted in the cloud from any location at any time.

Affordability – Companies in the cloud pay for what they use. Service providers like tw telecom will measure your storage, processing, bandwidth, and the servers for which the companies will be billed. tw telecom’s Dynamic Capacity, a feature of the Intelligent Network, gives customers the ability to double or triple their bandwidth on demand in real-time, through pre-scheduled planning or automatically without human intervention.

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