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10 February 15

Manage and Customize: How MSPs and IaaS Boutiques Can Work Together for Business Success

Across the business world, awareness of the value of cloud computing is rapidly increasing as we enter 2015. Just a few years ago, corporate leaders were just beginning to scratch the surface of what the cloud could do – they were asking preliminary questions about the cloud's potential, and often little more. Now, they're digging in.

Companies are now discovering the myriad benefits of adopting the cloud on a large scale, with their strategies ranging from using online resources for managing content to relying on them for infrastructural support, such as cloud backup. They're also turning to cloud providers in times of crisis, finding a helping hand when they need assistance with disaster recovery.

"Companies can reap the benefits of working with an IaaS provider that allows them to purchase the precise elements they need to be successful."

All of these developments have been aided by both MSPs (managed service providers), which provide fixed IT services to enterprises through the cloud, and small boutique IaaS companies, which provide customizable services and a more personal touch.

There's a perception out there that the MSPs and the IaaS providers are bitter rivals, but that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. The truth is that both sides can gain a lot from getting together, collaborating to provide a valuable cloud solution for clients everywhere.

The value of the MSP
There's an undeniable trend in recent years – as the cloud has risen in popularity, companies have become more reliant upon MSPs to given them reliable cloud service on a large scale. According to Smart Data Collective, today's organizations have big objectives, and they need an MSP to help them achieve their lofty goals.

"Years ago, the dilemma surrounding the cloud was a relatively easy one to address, especially when clients were asking questions about 'What is cloud computing?' and how it could ultimately benefit their organizations," Mike 2.0 explained. "That was then, but Gartner now predicts that by 2016, organizations will store more than a third of their content on the cloud. Most clients are serious about adopting the technology, and they want their MSPs to make it happen."

The cloud is now a mainstream technology, and as a result it's widely offered by big companies. Many clients, however, also see value in relying on boutique companies for more specialized service.

How IaaS providers play a role
The big-brand MSP can provide a great deal of support for businesses and their technical infrastructures, but companies can also benefit from relying on an IaaS provider that can help them fine-tune their operations.

According to the Federal Times, many businesses' IT leaders are turning to IaaS because of one of its prime benefits – scalability. Tech expert Mark Ryland told the news source that in IT, a high level of customization is expected.

Businesses everywhere are investing in the cloud.Businesses everywhere are investing in the cloud.

"People are used to doing capital-based procurements," Ryland said. "There might be people in the procurement shop that say, 'I don't know how to buy something by the drink – I don't know how to deal with variable costing.' In that same agency there might be procurement people who do that all the time – when they buy professional services, when they buy power, when they buy telecom — but that's not the IT peoples' strength."

For this reason, companies can reap the benefits of working with an IaaS provider that allows them to purchase the precise elements they need to be successful. The MSPs and the boutique infrastructure providers can therefore both play a role.

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