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22 April 15

Making The List: 5 Items CIOs Look For In Their Cloud Service Providers

Perhaps in the beginning, cloud computing was a niche curiosity among IT people. It was a nifty way of moving data around and making operations more flexible, but it wasn't seen as a fundamental part of business. In short, it wasn't a companywide thing – it was a tech thing.

"There's a growing sentiment among professionals everywhere that cloud solutions have the potential to change our businesses and our lives as well."

That attitude is starting to change. There's a growing sentiment among professionals everywhere that cloud solutions have the potential to change our businesses and our lives as well. Putting our data online rather than stashing it away in local storage gives us greater capability and security every day.

It's also a fantastic resource to have in disaster recovery situations. If you're worried about losing your data in the event of a major storm or another similar catastrophe, you can rely on cloud backup for helping you get your data back in no time.

According to Forbes, the cloud is rapidly transforming the way we all do business. Matt Watts, who works closely with the product operations and marketing teams at NetApp, told the news source that having a top-notch cloud provider can make a world of difference across your entire organization.

"Cloud computing is no longer an IT priority," Watts explained. "It's a business priority. The potential of cloud computing extends far beyond simple financial savings or ease of provisioning. Instead, cloud offers enormous opportunity for new innovation, and even the disruption of entire industries. A comprehensive cloud strategy enables agility, increases efficiency, and improves decisions."

So this leads us to the question – how do you make the choice? What should you look for in a cloud service provider? The answers are just about endless, but the following are five key factors that CIOs tend to look for:

Data transparency
Transparency is definitely important. When business leaders spend their money on new tech solutions, they want to have clear knowledge of where their data is going and why. The more cloud providers can tell their clients about how their solutions work, the better.

Expert knowledge
When something happens to your data and you need to react quickly, you want someone on your side that you can trust. Having a cloud provider who's highly knowledgeable is an absolute must for this reason.

Easy availability
The whole point of adopting cloud solutions is to make data more easily available. CIOs want cloud providers that can help them access their data 100 percent of the time, from any setting. Convenience is king in today's cloud-powered era.

Saving room in the budget is a key priority.Saving room in the budget is a key priority.

Most business tech leaders today are forced to run their operations on tight budgets. They don't have extra cash to waste on overpriced solutions. The cloud can often be cost-effective, though, as cloud solutions tend to be scalable, allowing companies to pay for exactly the level of service they need.

The utmost security
Perhaps the most important value of all is data security. When a company entrusts its data to an outside partner, it must be absolutely confident that that data will be safe. For example, Virtacore helps ensure safe cloud backup by using Sophos firewall technology, providing an extra layer of protection for organizations' vital data.

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