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7 April 15

Making The Business Case: 5 Reasons Cloud Backup Is An Easy Sell For Your Organization

No matter your rank in the IT hierarchy of your company – you might be the CIO or a low-level employee still in your first week on the job – it's difficult to ignore the many benefits of cloud computing in the business world. The cloud helps professionals to better organize their files, work from anywhere at any time, manage their daily workflow and collaborate with others.

This is all fairly evident. But sometimes in business, a conundrum presents itself – what if you're a low-level worker or a middle manager, and you're facing some resistance from your bosses when it comes to embracing the cloud? In this situation, you might need to engage in a bit of salesmanship.

"Cloud backup can readily be added to an already existing suite of IT offerings."

Cloud backup, in particular, is one type of valuable cloud-based resource that can help businesses thrive. Every organization needs to have backup copies of their vital files available, and the cloud is the most efficient and reliable way to do so. Having your data at the ready can be a tremendous asset in the event that a disaster recovery situation should arise.

According to Talkin' Cloud, it's therefore relatively easy to sell most IT bosses on the business case for putting cloud backup resources in place. Guest blogger Art Ledbetter emphasized that cloud backup can readily be added to an already existing suite of IT offerings, which is a godsend for IT departments that are desperate for simplicity.

"Many businesses are bogged down in backup complexity," Ledbetter explained. "Their internal IT resources are tied up in manual processes concerning backup scheduling, media failures, backup errors, extended backup windows and myriad troubleshooting actions. Despite their best efforts, they typically complain about poor backup performance or backups taking so long that they extend into the production day. If that happens, people can come to work and find their systems sluggish."

IT bosses need to be concerned about dollars and cents.IT bosses need to be concerned about dollars and cents.

Along those lines, the following are five key selling points for getting IT bosses anywhere to embrace the beauty of cloud backup:

The utmost simplicity
No one wants to back up their files using tapes and/or external hard drives – it's arduous and overly complicated. Fortunately, the cloud offers a simpler way to go.

High levels of performance
When disaster strikes, you want to get your data back quickly and painlessly. The cloud makes this easy, delivering you a fast performance you can't get anywhere else.

Architectural scalability
How much space do you need to house all of your organization's vital data? It can be difficult to find a solution with the right scope for your needs, but the cloud is quite scalable to adjust to your required specs.

Strong data security
In addition to protecting against disaster scenarios, you will also need to keep your data safe from intrusion on a regular basis. This is another area where the cloud has proven effective.

Surprising affordability
Many IT departments are facing severe budget restrictions, forcing them to deal with skyrocketing storage demands in multiple locations, all with minuscule money. Luckily, cloud backup is more affordable than you think, providing yet another benefit to any growing business.

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