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27 February 15

Have Faith In Your Data: Unitarian Universalist Association Finds Disaster Recovery Success

The Unitarian Universalist Association, recently turned to Virtacore for guidance with backing up its data and protecting it from potential harm. Read on for an in-depth look at what the UUA is all about, the problems they faced and how Virtacore was able to deliver a solution.

A brief UUA history lesson
Unitarian Universalism is not your typical religious faith. It's a liberal tradition that was formed from the consolidation of two distinct faiths – Unitarianism and Universalism. The Universalist Church of America was founded in 1793, and the American Unitarian Association took shape shortly thereafter, in 1825. Eventually, the two strands came together and became one.

The two faiths consolidated in 1961, forming the basis for what's now known as the UUA. Since the merger, Unitarian Universalism has nurtured both of its core groups to provide a strong voice for social justice and liberal religion.

Why the UUA needed help with DR
Just like any other organization, the UUA realized it needed help with disaster recovery for its data. The organization's Board of Trustees led the way on this front, realizing that recent natural disasters had presented data difficulties, and it was time to take action. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York, for example, the need for a decisive response was clear.

Hurricanes can mean disaster for your organization's data.Hurricanes can mean disaster for your organization's data.

UUA leadership began to wonder – what if a disaster strikes our data? The organization wanted a solution that would work quickly and reliably, with no more than 24 hours of downtime. Using tapes, they would have needed three days at least.

How the Virtacore solution helped
Ultimately, the UUA settled on Virtacore for resolving its disaster recovery needs. The group looked at a number of vendors, but Virtacore was the only one that went the extra mile to provide support and answer questions about the data backup process. The price tag was also a compelling reason to choose Virtacore.

Before Virtacore came along, the UUA had very little in the way of a formal plan for disaster recovery. But once the organization could virtualize its data center and sync with Virtacore, a documented and tested process fell quickly into place. No one wants disaster to strike their data, but if such an event were to impact the UUA, they'd certainly be ready for it.

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