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25 November 15

Forward Momentum: 4 Factors Driving The Success Of The IaaS Market

In today's modern, high-tech era of doing business, employees have become greedy. They're not content with just one way of storing and accessing their data – they want more. Saving a file to your hard drive is nice, as it gives you a way to secure the project you're working on and easily access it later, but it's not enough. Today's workers want another layer of flexibility and data security at work.

"The cloud offers the modern employee multiple ways of managing their data and accessing it."

In short, what they want is cloud backup solutions. The cloud offers the modern employee multiple ways of managing his data and accessing it. A cloud user can find a file locally on his own machine or log on from anywhere, using any device, to open it up remotely. In addition, the security benefits are clear – putting files online, in the cloud, gives any company an extra copy of its database for added protection.

These days, the business model isn't just about backing up files, but more broadly, lending an entirely new infrastructure to the modern organization. That's the thinking behind Infrastructure as a Service, an idea that has gradually picked up steam in recent years. Adopting IaaS can help companies with everything from flexibility of work to disaster recovery planning.

According to WhaTech, IaaS has become more popular as companies discover the wide range of benefits it can offer a business. Glen Hare, business consultant at Persistence Market Research, told the news source that corporate tech leaders are finding new uses for IaaS by the day.

"The cloud infrastructure for data storage offers numerous options for sourcing, approach and control," Hare noted. "It brings a well-defined set of services that are perceived by customers to have continuous availability, infinite capacity, improved cost efficiency and increased agility. Infrastructure as a Service is a model where an organization is able to outsource the equipment used to support operations, including hardware, storage, networking components and servers."

Companies' use of IaaS solutions is rapidly increasing.Companies' use of IaaS solutions is rapidly increasing.

Here are a few factors that are driving the rapid rise of IaaS solutions:

Easy scalability
Managing your own storage space can be difficult, as the amount of space you need might have to be adjusted over time as your business grows. The beauty of cloud solutions is that they're scalable, allowing you to change your company's IT infrastructure at a moment's notice.

More efficient administrative tasks
The cloud makes it easier for corporate employees to access all kinds of data, ranging from internal knowledge of employees and workflow to external client information. Companies can find whatever info they need and handle administrative tasks quickly and painlessly.

Less hardware and software required
When you adopt the cloud for managing your company's IT needs, you don't have to worry about purchasing big, bulky hardware or complicated software – cloud solutions are straightforward, as all the tools you need come in one simple purchase.

Easier infrastructure maintenance
Back when companies had tons of hardware to deal with, they also had the tons of maintenance work that came with it. Now, with the cloud, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your physical assets. All that stuff is handled offsite, and all you need to do is continue running your business as usual.

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