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16 October 14

Cloud Infrastructure Providers are not all Equal – 3 Steps to Choosing the Right (IaaS) Provider for your Business

When you want the right cloud infrastructure for your business, you need the right provider to match your company's needs. Going with a specialty provider for disaster recovery, backup, and private cloud can increase your success rate. This is especially evident when you are turning to the cloud for infrastructure. Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions play a key role in enabling an organization to use technology to enable business functionality, and you need the right partner to make this work.

Leasing infrastructure makes you incredibly dependent on the vendor you are working with, so you really need to trust the IaaS provider. With this in mind, here are three steps you should follow when choosing a cloud hosting provider for your infrastructure:

Step 1: Do background research
Cloud computing is a confusing technology. We're not going to beat around the bush here – there's as much marketing hype as there is real, useful information out there. At the same time, there are also so many cloud delivery models that the technology has become almost inherently confusing. All of this makes your personal understanding of the cloud vital to finding the right vendor. You need to do what you can to understand what you need and which cloud hosting model will deliver those requirements is essential to getting off to a good start.

Step 2: Start looking at vendors
With an understanding of different IaaS solutions in tow, it is time to start analyzing different vendors. Start by thinking about where you want your data to be stored, the certifications you need the host data center to meet, how much you can afford and any regulatory requirements that will come into play. From there, narrow down the vendors that are a viable option based on those core requirements and initiate conversations about what makes the provider unique. You also need to get references and look closely and various pricing and IaaS delivery models.

Step 3: Think about business-IT alignment
IaaS offers organizations an opportunity to establish a flexible, scalable and powerful infrastructure setup, giving them complete freedom to align their IT strategies with business requirements. This can turn IT into a revenue enabler, but achieving this goal hinges on having a vendor that offers you the flexibility and responsiveness you need to make forward progress. Understanding your short- and long-term business and IT goals, as well as the strategies that align those plans, will make it much easier to select an IaaS vendor that will meet your needs.

Any infrastructure-related decision can have a sweeping impact on a company's technological capabilities. When you choose the right vendor, you put your company in a position to be flexible and responsive moving forward.

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