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23 May 16

The Cloud – Infinite Data Storage and Recover Options for Your Business


Ten years ago, the word “cloud” conjured only the image of a fluffy white mass of water particles suspended in the sky.

Today, it brings to mind that mysterious spot in the ethereality of cyberspace where we store and retrieve our data.

It’s an image both comforting and frightening. We can easily store the vital information that enables our businesses to run smoothly, without the burden of physical record keeping. We can pull up our documents with the swipe of a touchscreen or the click of a mouse.

But always lurking is the threat of hackers purloining our sensitive info. Even worse is the issue of how to retrieve your business’ data in the event of a disaster.

Business owners and CIOs can resolve these issues by carefully researching cloud providers and choosing the one that best meets the needs of their companies.

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