16 May 13

Business Continuity Planning – Are you ready?

At Virtacore, we believe that outages and down time should be incorporated into any IT DR or business continuity plan. But where do you start? Here are a few things to consider when thinking about outages and down time when it comes to business continuity:

Types of Outages and Impact:

When thinking about what might happen, it is important to review the possibilities. How would an outage occur? How long might it last? With that, we at Virtacore think it is critical to consider the impact of the answers to those questions. In a situation like Hurricane Sandy an outage or down time can be related to physical infrastructure problems (flooding or damage to a building) or could be related to power. In the case of flooding or building damage and you can’t enter the building, how would you adjust your infrastructure to keep the business functioning without having access to your data center?

Duration of Outage or Down Time:

Virtacore recommends that you consider adopting a response hierarchy based on the length of time of the expected outage or down time. Working with your organization’s management, you want to come up with lengths of time and what you plan to do at each time interval of the outage. For example if the outage turns out to be eight hours or less, what would you do? Once it exceeds eight hours what do you plan to do? If it will be a week or longer, what is the plan? This helps keep you focused during times of emergency and makes the IT problems less of a concern during a time of crisis.


What are the resources needed for business continuity during an outage or down time? Make sure you know what the resources that will be needed, how much it might cost (give or take) and how long it will take to have the resources in place. This can be everything from computers (in the event of building damage) to hosting environments for your key corporate data, to email services. Having a resource utilization plan for business continuity can go a long way during a difficult time.

The trend of moving applications to the cloud (Software as a Service) and infrastructure to the cloud has helped many IT managers and executives by reducing the burden an outage might cause. A cloud or DR solution from Virtacore can go a long way towards making an unplanned outage and down time much easier to handle.

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