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3 September 15

Building In The Cloud: Manufacturing Is A Leading Sector For New Technology

Cloud computing has been steadily gaining popularity, especially around the business world, in recent years. Corporate leaders have come to realize that cloud solutions are well worth the investment – they help employees manage data, access it from anywhere and share it easily for quick and painless collaboration.

"The market for cloud infrastructure providers is exploding."

This is visible just about everywhere. But according to recent research, the cloud has become especially prominent in the manufacturing sector. The companies we rely on every day for making everything from our cars to our blue jeans are quickly picking up on the many advantages of cloud computing, and the benefits are trickling down to consumers around the world.

Manufacturing leads the way
It's not hard to see that the market for cloud infrastructure providers is exploding. There's evidence of that everywhere you look. But according to Plant Services, the market's growth is especially pronounced in the manufacturing sector.

The news source recently reported on the results of an extensive study from the International Data Corporation (IDC), entitled "Cloud Computing: The Essential Foundation of Industry Digital Transformation," which predicted that the number of new cloud-based solutions will triple within the next 4-5 years. IDC found that the total cloud market will be worth around $70 billion in 2015 worldwide and that manufacturing would headline the top five verticals – followed by banking, professional services, process manufacturing and retail.

Eileen Smith, program manager for IDC's global technology and research group, commented that the rise of cloud computing will lead to a business transformation, with manufacturers and other companies soon looking to revamp their infrastructures with the cloud as a foundation.

"The technological innovations and enabling capabilities unleashed by cloud have fostered new opportunities across the industries," Smith said. "As a result, it is necessary for both technology vendors and buyers to recognize the industry drivers and barriers of cloud deployment."

Gaining a competitive edge
For anyone in the manufacturing sector not already convinced that a new cloud-oriented infrastructure is the way to go, consider this – if you're not using the cloud, your competitors probably are. That means they're probably saving their time, money and efficiency, and using those resources to get ahead of you.

Competition is always a factor in the manufacturing business.Competition is always a factor in the manufacturing business.

According to Forbes, there's an enormous amount of competitive pressure among manufacturers to adopt the cloud. Louis Columbus, vice president of marketing at iBASEt, pointed out that 40 percent of today's manufacturers "draw a direct correlation" between cloud technologies and their ability to innovate during the next five years. Furthermore, 66 percent say that the cloud has already improved business insights, and 93 percent are using cloud-fueled tablets for their manufacturing operations.

"All of these factors taken together illustrate why manufacturers who are growing quickly need scalable, secure technologies that can flex to the changing needs of their evolving business models," Columbus explained. "The report provides insights into four technologies manufacturers are relying on to accelerate growth."

Good cloud solutions can be everything for your business – from data management solutions to disaster recovery services, and everything in between. If you're in the manufacturing field, it's time to take heed.

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